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About MVE Music

In MVE's Music Room, we will explore various sounds and how to create them in music, movements/dances, musical emotions, instruments and their families, and many more wonderful parts of what makes music fun, educational, and unique to every person who encounters it! 


In Kindergarten, we explore various emotions in music and what they sound like in songs, as well as musical opposites like loud/soft, high/middle/low, and fast/slow. We then put those terms to use in fun musical activities that involve singing, dancing, and lots of instruments! 

First Grade

First Graders start the year off hard at work with their musical performance that they put on every December! Afterwards, they delve into clapping, speaking, and applying their three musical rhythms (ta, ti-ti, and shh). They play various musical games, and learn about the music and culture of the 1930's. Throughout the year, first graders will play over 10 new instruments, and apply them to multiple activities!

PE, Art, World Cultures,

& Music Rotation

K- 1:00 - 1:50 p.m.

1st- 1:55 - 2:45 p.m.

2nd- 2:50 - 3:40 p.m.

Second Grade

Second graders start off their school year by reviewing ta, ti-ti, and shh, and then add over 7 new musical terms and apply them in their own compositions. In December, they start working on their musical that is held every February. Once the musical is under wraps, Second Graders "graduate" from Second Grade Rhythm School by learning 4 new rhythms. And as always, we play lots of fun singing games along the way!

Mountain View Elementary

Principal: Millie Grotts

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Phone: 303-387-8675 | Fax: 303-387-8676

Northeast Elementary 

Principal: Kara Tidemann

6598 N State Highway 83, Parker, CO 80134

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Attendance Phone: 303-387-8602

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