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About NE Music

At Northeast, music is approached through many different lenses. Whether that be through listening, playing instruments, dancing, composing, or singing, when students walk into the music room, they immediately become creators, inventors, and self-studiers of music. Throughout the school year, students will be able to experience various instruments and how they work, "travel the world" to explore different types of music and how that music relates to those cultures, compose their own pieces of music, study famous composers, and popular music of multiple decades. 

PE, Health, Art, Music Rotation

4th- 9:30 a.m. - 10:20 a.m. 

3rd- 10:25 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.

5th- 11:20 a.m. - 12:10 p.m.

Third Grade

Are you ready to rock those recorders, Third Grade? Not only do we get to continue exploring various instruments and their sounds, but this year you get to learn the instrument of all instruments. THE RECORDER. Throughout the school year, we will learn: how to read music, a handful of notes to play, proper performance technique, and lots of super awesome songs to play. Once the basics of the recorder are in place, you then get to build your musicianship through the infamous Recorder Karate!

Fourth Grade

Grab your passports, Fourth Grade, because we're traveling the world! During the first half of the school year, we will be traveling to countries like Mexico, Australia, Germany, and others while we explore their beautiful music and cultures. In the Spring, we will return home to Colorful Colorado, where we get to explore the many types of music and cultures, of past and present, that are found right in our backyard! Along the way, we will learn about various instruments, popular songs, folk tales, languages, and even get to compose and perform our own parody songs!

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is going to be hitting up a storm with their STOMP projects this year! We're going to watch the amazing performance from the original cast of "STOMP Out Loud" and soon after, begin our own STOMP routines by working together, creating rhythmic phrases, and using various props!

Mountain View Elementary

Principal: Millie Grotts

8502 North Pinery Parkway, Parker, CO 80134

Phone: 303-387-8675 | Fax: 303-387-8676

Northeast Elementary 

Principal: Kara Tidemann

6598 N State Highway 83, Parker, CO 80134

Phone: 303-387-8600 | Fax: 303-387-8601

Attendance Phone: 303-387-8602

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